Firestopping Services

DB Contractors Firestop Division specializes in coordinating, installing, and inspecting firestop systems.

We understand that firestopping is an integral component of your fire prevention plan during building construction and is intended to help restrict the spread of a fire by containing it within a room or area of the building. We serve as your expert partner in this critical phase of construction to optimize the overall process and certify your results.

Areas of Expertise
DB Contractors Firestop Division works with large and small-scale facilities to ensure the highest quality in fire protection systems. Our field-based specialty areas include key firestop installation systems:

  • Through-penetrations – pipes, ducts, cable bundles through walls and floors
  • Membrane penetration firestops – panels or junction boxes penetrating one side of a rated wall or floor
  • Fire-resistant joint systems – horizontal or vertical joints at rated partitions or barriers, often found in corridors or stair enclosures
  • Perimeter fire barrier systems – edge of slab or curtain wall assemblies

3rd Party Firestop Inspection
3rd Party Firestop Inspections are put in place to verify all firestop work is installed correctly to a “tested & listed” firestop system, which is critical to building safety. DB Contractors understands and respects that 3rd party inspections are gradually becoming standard practice. Through our affiliations with FCIA, HILTI, and NEHES, we have the resources necessary to provide our clients with industry-leading materials, Engineering Judgements (EJ), and a document management system to track and file all completed work for our clients’ records.

Exceptional Construction Services

Since 1995, our team of skilled carpenters and laborers have been supporting projects in the healthcare, academic, corporate, hospitality, and science + technology sectors.